Our Services


We think strategically to position products where they're needed. Our network of international and domestic buyers always ensures we have the right home for your products available in our marketing plan. For our customers, our selection of products will always enhance your profitability by making sure you have a competitive edge. 



Our marketing team works with only the finest manufacturers in the US to bring you high-quality, USA made products at price points that are reasonable and cost-effective. We make our customers look like heroes within their organizations. 


We optimize our product selection to fit the needs of the customers we are working with. It's never smart business to try and put a square peg in a round hole. We make sure you never have to.  For our vendor clients, we help optimize your product portfolio by providing direct market feedback and real-time competitive analysis.


We also help our vendor clients develop products that are needed in particular markets or niches that they may not be aware of. Our customer relationships are such that we are often the "first-call" for their sourcing needs if they are looking for durable medical products. If we do not have a solution readily available, we work with our vendor-clients to manufacture solutions that solve problems.


Fortis Medicina is entirely data-driven, and we strive to channel that data back to our clients in useful ways to help them make strategic choices.  Our team collects, analyzes, and synthesizes market data and customer feedback to drive client strategic goals.